Yesterday we drove to Robert Redford’s ski resort, Sundance. It’s about an hour from where we’re staying, on the way to Provo, Utah. We were expecting a quaint village with shops and restaurants since we thought this was the venue for the famous Sundance Film Festival held every January. It turns out that there is … Continue reading

Park City

We had thought about taking today off from skiing, but the weather report called for it to be really cold tomorrow, so we went skiing in Park City today, thinking that we’ll stay indoors tomorrow. It was relatively warm today. Since the holiday weekend ended yesterday, the slopes were pretty empty today. The Park City … Continue reading

Temple Square

Salt Lake City is the home of the Mormon Church. The Mormons own a 35 acre complex in the heart of the downtown, known as Temple Square. The most impressive buildings in the Square are the Temple, the Tabernacle, the Assembly Hall, the Church Office Building, the Conference Center and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. … Continue reading

The Temple

It took the Mormons 40 years to build their Temple in Utah. Most of the building was constructed from hand-hewn granite, hauled from over 20 miles away on ox-carts. It is a very impressive building. That,s the front of the Temple behind us. The Temple is only open to members of the Mormon Church. Several … Continue reading

A Family Affair

On the ground floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, the Mormons have a computer facility for genealogical research. Most Mormons have researched their lineage because they believe that they can bring salvation to their ancestors through prayer but, first, they have to know who to pray for; ergo, their interest in genealogy. The main … Continue reading