In 1960, a little over 50 years ago, the year Sandy was born, I spent the summer in Erie, Pennsylvania, with my mother’s parents, Honey and Gramps. They owned and operated a hotel on Lake Erie at the time and they lived in a cottage on a bluff above the beach in a little neighborhood … Continue reading

O Canada

“O Canada” is the Canadian national anthem, but for us, today, the “O” stands for “Ontario.” Yesterday, after Niagara Falls, we took Trevor shopping and to a movie and then decided to change our plans and head further north, into Canada, intending to return to Buffalo on the 22nd for Trevor’s birthday. So, this morning … Continue reading

Québec City

We just arrived in Québec after another all-day drive, but we plan to stay here for at least four nights. It’s beautiful here and there’s lots to do and plenty to see. Québec City was the main French settlement in America (outside of New Orleans) back in the 1700s and a major battle of the … Continue reading


Yesterday was another windy and rainy day, but we eventually ventured out and took the ferry to the old city. Here’s the view from the ferry back toward the terminal. The restaurant we went to is just off to the left, out of the picture. And off we go! Here’s the old city in the … Continue reading