See Food

We’re in Louisiana having the RV serviced after visiting Kyle and Kelly for a couple days in Gainesville. We left Gainesville Monday morning and drove along the Gulf coast, stopping for dinner in Apalachicola, a fishing village known for its oysters. We knew this was the place as soon as we stopped the RV – … Continue reading

Hey Padre!

We had a really long driving day from Louisiana to Brownsville, Texas (540 miles), but here we are now on the opposite side of the Gulf of Mexico from Florida. In the Keys we watch the sun set over the Gulf, but here on the Texas side we watch the sun rise. We’re on South … Continue reading

Don’t Fence Me In

Before we left South Padre Island, I drove to nearby Brownsville, Texas, to see the border crossing into Mexico. We neglected to bring along our passports (having packed them in our luggage that is sitting at home awaiting our upcoming trip to England), so I knew I couldn’t cross over into Mexico and return through … Continue reading


The drive along the Texas coast in some places is really fantastic. There are frequent, long expanses of empty beaches and at one point I saw a pod of dolphins from the road as I drove along. Dale was fascinated by the shrimp boats trawling just off the beach. But the drive along Galveston Beach … Continue reading


On the way out to Brownsville, we took the most direct route after leaving the Florida panhandle. But on the way back home we wanted to drive along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast as much as possible. That meant that we were going to have to take ferries on the way back (they were … Continue reading