Happy Camper

We had a nice visit with Trevor. He is a great camp counselor, always making sure that his kids have a fun and memorable time. Here we are with Trev at Camp Chief Ouray at the YMCA:

The YMCA property is huge and Camp Ouray takes up just a small part of it. Here’s Camp Ouray where Trevor works. The commoms area and dining hall are to the right and the activity center is to the left.

Trevor explained to us that the camp used to be heavily wooded, but some type of tree-eating beetle migrated up from Mexico and the YMCA had to cut down many of the trees so that they wouldn’t fall on the campers.

After breakfast with Trevor, we set off on our trip back to Florida via Rocky Mountain National Park. There is still snow on the ground up at the top.

We also witnessed damage from the Mexican beetles in Rocky Mountain National Park. See all the downed trees:

We spent the rest of the day driving across eastern Colorado and into Nebraska. The whole area is the Great Plains and it all looks like this.

We stopped for the night in McCook, Nebraska. Our goal is Branson, Missouri, tomorrow or the next day.

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