Hamming it up in Hamburg

It was an enjoyable six hour drive from Amsterdam to Hamburg, Germany. The countryside is reminiscent of the Carolina and Virginia Piedmont.

We are staying at Hotel Wagner, right in the heart of Hamburg. It is a very nice hotel, but a little odd. The building is four floors and each floor is a different hotel. Ours is on the first floor.

After getting settled in, we called Susanne and Frank. Susanne lived with us as an au pair for a year in 1991 and helped take care of the kids when they were infants. She and Frank just got married on Friday. We went to dinner (Susanne’s son, Lennart, joined us), then we took a harbor cruise. Here we are on the boat:

It was interesting seeing the Hamburg skyline at night.

And watching the container ships unload was fascinating, too!

We took a walk through the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s entertainment and Red Light District…

…to 36 Grosse Freiheit, the club where the Beatles first played.

There’s a new monument to the Beatles where Dale hammed it up, pretending to be Paul McCartney.

It was a fun evening seeing the town, but the best part was seeing Susanne again and meeting her new husband, Frank!

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