Things Are Looking Up

The inside of St. Mary’s cathedral is beautiful. It was originally built in the early 1200s and was completed as it looks today around 1360. The ceiling in the main church is nearly 100 feet high.

Although the church was heavily damaged in WWII, it was rebuilt in the 1950s, including the twin spires. When Lübeck was bombed, the spires were burned and the church bells fell to the ground inside the church, where they were left as a memorial and reminder that peace is the better course.

You can see the twin spires to the left in this picture (that’s Dale in the bottom right):

And here’s the rest of the old city center plaza, with the government building and market square.

It seems we’ve spent the last 24 hours looking up at all the sights in these ancient cities.

Here’s a picture from the day before in Travemünde, looking up at the church tower there. I used to use this as my compass for navigating around town because it’s visible from anywhere you might be in or around Travemünde.

We’re back in Amsterdam now, planning to visit the Rijksmuseum today.

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