Home Away From Home

We’ll be leaving tomorrow for our drive to the Schwabian part of Germany, just south of Stuttgart, where we’ll be visiting our Ulmer relatives in Schönaich.

But we thought you’d like to see the apartment we’ve been living in while we’ve been here in Amsterdam.

Here’s Dale reading in the living room (which also doubles as the dining room).

This is the same room, looking from the other side.

And here’s the view out that window, across the courtyard.

Here’s the bedroom.

And the bathroom (nice shower; toilet is in a separate room).

And, finally, the kitchen.

The apartment is one flight up from the street.

We’ve enjoyed staying here. In fact, when we got back from our short excursion to Hamburg and Travemünde, we said to each other, “it’s good to be back home.”

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