We ended up staying for lunch in Schönaich and Ingeborg made an excellent Maultaschen soup, which is a lot like Matzo Ball soup. There’s an old Schwabian saying that the soup, a meat ball inside a pasta covering and made for Lent when you’re not supposed to eat meat, was made like raviolis to hide the meat from God.

After lunch, we immediately made a wrong turn and headed toward Waldenbuch, but quickly realized our mistake and turned around. It was a two hour drive to Baden-Baden, a resort town near the border with France, known for its thermal mineral baths. We might try one tomorrow.

We checked into the Hotel Bischoff, right in the middle of the walking streets area.

Dale was admiring the view out our bedroom window.

Here’s the view she had from there.

And this is the view from our sitting room.

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