We left Utrecht right after breakfast and drove north, our plan being to circumnavigate the inland sea, to Markermeer, north of Amsterdam, and then to find a hotel near Schiphol Airport. It turned out to be a great idea.

As soon as we got off the Autobahn, we were on a road that ran along the top of the dike. You can see how the water is higher than the land in this picture, and also how they harness the wind for energy.

We contined driving along the coast to the quaint little town of Limmer where we had a fish and chips lunch at this restaurant on the left.

We walked around the town on both sides of the central canal. It was beautiful.

After lunch, we stopped on the shore to look at the dike again. You can really see the differential between the water and the land in this picture.

Dale enjoyed the view, and I enjoyed the view of Dale.

We continued our drive and saw a whole bunch of new wind generators, but we liked the old ones better.

Sheep were grazing on the dike. This guy actually posed for me.

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