Welcome to Belgium, Please Blow on This

Today was a driving day. We left Trier, Germany, after breakfast and drove to Utrecht, Netherlands, near the airport in Amsterdam where we will fly home Monday.

It was an hour drive to Luxemburg. The city did not live up to our expectations and we are so glad that we visited Speyer and Trier instead of spending more time in Luxemburg.

About an hour after leaving Luxemburg downtown, we crossed the Luxemburg border into Belgium. Here’s the old border crossing which is no longer needed since the creation of the European Union. The flags are the Belgian flag on the left, the Luxemburg flag to its right, and the European Union flag on the far right. I don’t know what the yellow flag with the chicken is . . . France, maybe?

Five kilometers into Belgium, we stopped at a rest plaza to get a coffee and a snack. The Belgians are known for their waffles and they sell them in the plazas like we sell potato chips. I was just finishing this one.

As we drove away from the plaza, we were intercepted by the police at the on-ramp to the Autobahn. They asked me to take a breathalizer test!

It must have been the guilty look on my face from eating the waffle.

Keep in mind this was 11:00 in the morning!

But don’t worry, they let the truckers go without checking them.

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