In 1960, a little over 50 years ago, the year Sandy was born, I spent the summer in Erie, Pennsylvania, with my mother’s parents, Honey and Gramps. They owned and operated a hotel on Lake Erie at the time and they lived in a cottage on a bluff above the beach in a little neighborhood surrounding an oval park.

We visited there this morning and I’m pretty sure that one of these cottages was my grandparents’ cottage.

There was a road that ran along side the bluff, down to the lake. I remember a big wooden staircase that I used to walk down to get to the hotel. The staircase is long gone, but this looks like the place it used to be.

One thought on “Erie

  1. I remember that staircase I counted the steps and I think there were almost 100…I also remember a concrete picnic table (round) like the one you have in the Keys in the back of the cottage where Honey and Gramps lived. My favorite was the candy store with the glass jars:) Once you got to the bottom of the stairs you turned right and the candy store was on the right, I think…I also remember the glass door knobs in the hotel.

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