Maggie Valley

We decided to drive to Maggie Valley, North Carolina, today to check out the skiing at Catahoochee Ski Resort because we were planning to spend a day there skiing once Kyle, Trevor and Kelly all get here.

We drove through the Pisgah National Forest to Waynesville, then to the slope, a two hour drive.

It looks like there will be some good hiking to be done in Pisgah and there is supposed to be great rock climbing at Looking Glass Rock in Pisgah, just 20 minutes from the house.

But, no skiing in Catahoochee this year for us. It was 48°F today on the mountain and it looked like only one short run was open, with one very crowded lift. But they’re desperate here to go skiing. The place was packed.

Besides, we’re going to be spending two weeks in Park City, Utah, in February where there is real skiing to be had.

And don’t let the snow on the ground fool you; I’m pretty sure it’s man-made. We haven’t seen snow anywhere else since we got here.

Anyway, it was a two hour drive home, which we interrupted with a movie in Hendersonville.

Tomorrow, if we venture out, we’ll probably check out nearby DuPont State Forest. There are supposed to be great mountain biking trails there.

2 thoughts on “Maggie Valley

  1. Mark and Dale,
    You all are deep in the NC Mountains. There is great hiking to be had all around you.
    Ed and I have been over there many times. Three Falls hike is a good one to find – also in the DuPont Forest.
    Have a great Xmas in NC!
    Dave Holub

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