Ice Fishing

The house we’re staying in is convenient to three ski resorts: Park City; Deer Valley; and, Canyons. And at the base of the mountain we’re on is the Rockport State Park which surrounds a lake that is frozen right now to a depth of 18 inches.

As we were driving down the mountain this afternoon, we stopped and took a picture of the house.

About halfway down the mountain, as we came around a corner, we saw the lake speckled with ice fishermen.

When we got to the bottom, we parked, just as this intrepid father and son group of fishermen was calling it a day, hauling their gear out on a sled.

We talked with one of the dads and he told us that they catch trout in the lake, but first they have to auger a whole in the ice.

We wanted to get a closer view, so we drove around the lake to the other side.

Some of these guys really go all out, with tents and camping gear, setting up little fishing villages on the ice.

There were a lot of people out on the ice. Some of the boys traded in their fishing poles for sleds.

I like this picture of Dale in her new coat. On that mountain behind her, the house at the very top (it looks like it’s right above her head in this picture) is the house we’re staying in, which the owners call Peppler (their name) Point. It really is right at the very top of the mountain.

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