A Day Off

The sparsely inhabited Hisarönü peninsula, which lies south of the bustling tourist party town of Marmaris (which we intentionally avoided) is a favorite of cruisers. It’s surprisingly reminiscent of the Windward Islands of the Caribbean.

Difficult to get to by land, but sporting beautiful coves and anchorages, it is mostly ignored by the guidebooks.

The gem of the peninsula appears to be the little village of Bozburun, which we stumbled upon purely by accident. Here are a couple photos of the waterfront that I took at the “Golden Hour,” shortly before sunset last night:

We’re staying at a delightful little place called the Suna Pansiyon. It has a wonderful terrace overlooking the harbor…

…complete with lounge chairs for a little quiet meditation.

This morning after breakfast, we walked to the weekly market to buy some fruit for today’s lunch.

We loved how they sell flour, rice and such:

Our walk back took us along the waterfront again.

We decided to take a day off from travel and stay here a second night. It was so easy to spend the afternoon reading and writing at water’s edge.

With a little dip when it got too hot.

Though the water is every bit as salty as it is in the Keys, for some reason, after toweling off, I felt like I had just had a freshwater shower – there was no salt residue at all. It was quite refreshing.

And the best part was that after my dip, our hostess served us Turkish tea, cookies and figs. I think we’ll just sit here a while and see what else she surprises us with!

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