Hakuna Matata

We spent another afternoon at the beach in Mátala after our time at Phaistos and Kelly, Deanna and I swam out to a ledge and climbed up to visit the Roman tombs, there on the right in the picture below. Afterwards, Kelly swam farther out and climbed up on the outcropping in the middle of the photo (she misses rock climbing).

After our second day at the beach, we showered and changed and then walked to Hakuna Matata Taverna Cafe for dinner, passing numerous pavement paintings along the way.

The sun was starting to go down and we had a great view of the cliff face with the Roman tombs that was the hippy commune that we had explored earlier.

We had stopped at Hakuna Matata the night before and told the host, Dimitrius, we would be back if he could seat us on the bowsprit.

He remembered us, and we remembered him. He was a real character with a hippy soul.

It was a fun evening, listening to Dimitrious expound on his view of how the universe works.

The view from the restaurant was fantastic.

This morning, we had breakfast…

…before checking out of Hotel Nikos…

…when Nikos came riding in on his sidecar BMW motorcycle…

…with a gift of homemade olive oil for Dale and a little pretend cycle riding for the girls.

Mátala was a fun place to spend a couple relaxing days with a hakuna matata attitude: “Don’t worry; be happy.”

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