Blue Rocks, Yellow Mushrooms

We both caught cold in Halifax, so we had to take it a little easy during our stay in the Lunenburg area in order to recover. We did get out to walk and drive around the area, however. One of our excursions was out to the end of the peninsula to a little fishing village called Blue Rocks. You can follow our walk along the road, overlooking the tiny harbor (p.s.: that schooner out on the water in the first photo is actually the top of a weather vane):

At the end of our walk, we noticed the most incredible yellow mushrooms (this is the unadulterated photo; they were really this color):

Across the street from the harbor was a carpenter’s house. He made and sold miniature lobster pots and lobster buoys to tourists. Outside his workshop, he had a couple real lobster pots that he apparently used for models; this is how the fishermen stack their pots, too. The pots they use here are quite different from the type used in Florida.

Next door, in front of his home, he had placed a model he built: mini-me house.

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