The Devil’s Throat

About half the water coming off of the Paraná Plateau at Iguazu Falls flows into the Devil’s Throat, dropping a total of 250 feet, though making that fall in two jumps.

The highlight of our time in the Parque Nacional do Iguaçu was the boardwalk that has been built out onto the lower cascade jump at the Devil’s Throat:

Most people don raincoats or ponchos to walk out on the boardwalk,…

…but we were hot and anxious to get doused, so we went without (though we did cover the backpack with a raincoat).

The view of the Falls from the boardwalk was truly spectacular: a 360° waterfall panorama!

Here’s a view looking down river from the boardwalk in the Devil’s Throat, back toward where we started our stroll up the Path of the Falls Walk. Just look at the turbulence in the river (today we took an inflatable boat ride up river through this area):

After getting drenched on the boardwalk, we returned to the pathway and finished our walk right at the base of the Falls.

There was an elevator at this point (imagine!) that we took to the top of the Falls where I took this picture looking downward through the floor grate (the elevator is on the right)…

…then turned the camera to the power of the Falls…

…and, finally, back down to the boardwalk…

…and the viewing platform at its end.

An incredible experience.

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