Roy G. Biv

It was a short ride from Isla Victoria back to Puerto Puñuelo.

Along the way, it started to rain, resulting in one of the most vibrant rainbows we had ever seen; a double rainbow, in fact.

And it was a complete semi-circle. Dale listed the colors from a mnemonic she learned as a child: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – Roy G. Biv.

Back in port, there was a nice view of the Llao Llao Hotel.

And an even nicer view over Lago Nahuel Huapi where we attempted to have dinner at 8:00 – like most restaurants in Argentina, they weren’t yet open!

But we found a little pub nearby that was open. Thirsty, we decided to try one of their little local beers, Brahma.

A nice surprise for us here in Argentina has been how far a dollar goes. Two Brahmas, a dinner salad, and a great pasta dish, plus tax and tip: $30 (US). Hard to beat that.

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