Field Trip

Since it was raining when we went out today, we decided to visit the Field Museum of Natural History. We could have spent days in the Field Museum and we only scratched the surface in the four hours we were there.

We wandered through the permanent Ancient Egypt exhibit and the Ancient Americas exhibit, as well as the touring Lascaux Cave Painting.

But the highlight for every visitor to the Field is the dinosaur collection and Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, in particular.

“Sue” was named after Sue Hendrickson, the archaeologist who discovered Sue in the South Dakota Badlands. Sue is the most intact T-Rex ever found – nearly 80% complete!

No one knows whether Sue was male or female, but it is believed that Sue’s fossilized skeleton is at least 65 Million years old and that Sue, who measures 42 feet in length and stood 13 feet high at the hip, weighed more than 7,000 lbs when alive.

Sue’s skull, alone, weighs over 500 lbs and is one of the few parts of the exhibit that is a reproduction. The original skull is kept on the floor above, separated from the rest of the skeleton because it couldn’t be aesthetically supported due to its weight. Here’s the original skull:

Just look at those choppers! Some of Sue’s teeth are over 12 inches long!

We watched a 3-D movie about the discovery and restoration of Sue where we learned that Sue died at the ripe old age of 28. After the movie, we walked through the rest of the Evolving Planet exhibit that included the ancient dinosaurs and animals that roamed the earth eons ago.

They were all there: Triceratops; Brontosaurus; the Great Sloth…

…and the Mastodon and Mammoth:

It was like being in the Ben Stiller move: A Night At The Museum.

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