To Bordeaux We Go

We awoke Sunday morning, ready to get to work cleaning the house before departing for Bordeaux. Rolling over in bed, I said to Dale, “I had a great idea in the middle of the night for cleaning up, a plan for the division of labor: you do the labor; I’ll do the division.”

Well, it seemed funny at the time.

We got the place spic-n-span in short order, then took off in the MG. Thank goodness for the GPS on my iPhone. Bordeaux is a big city!

After stopping for a nice lunch en route, we made it to the townhouse in Bordeaux around mid-afternoon. it’s a beautiful place.

Here’s the staircase from the ground floor entry (Nico told me that the staircase was one of the main reasons they bought the house):

It’s a 3-story townhouse with the main living area on the second floor and the bedrooms on the 3rd floor. It’s really comfortable in the living room.

Here’s the view Dale had from that sofa, above, of the villa across the street:

The living room and dining room form a great room on the 2nd floor.

There’s a good view of the pool in the courtyard behind the house from the deck outside the dining room, but I liked the view from the bedroom on the top floor better. That’s a salt-water pool that requires very little maintenance, though the water doesn’t feel or taste salty at all.

Here’s a view from the street outside the house:

After getting settled in, we walked the neighborhood and picked up a few groceries at a corner market, handling the entire exchange without speaking a word of English, just our Phrasebook French and Sign Language.

Tomorrow, we’ll explore the city; it should be exciting.

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