Curious Gorge

Not long after getting on the trail at Les Gorges de Kakuetta, we were routed onto a boardwalk, bolted onto the cliff face (I think I read that the cliff face was sandstone, susceptible to rockfalls).

This was not a new experience for us; however, unlike what we had dealt with before (the Sahklikent Gorge in Crete), this gorge had a rainforest-like moisture about it that made everything slick. “Keep moving,” the sign said (sort of):

Finally, it was cool, the evaporation from the surrounding waters absorbing the heat from the air. We passed a small waterfall…

…then went through a tunnel carved into the rock face before passing some hikers going the other way.

Then the boardwalk touched down and we walked along the stream for awhile.

Soon, we came upon another waterfall and the trail went behind it.

Emerging up river, we looked back and saw that this waterfall flowed straight out of the cliff face! How curious.

It was just 2 km to the end where there was an underground grotto,…

…complete with stalactites and stalagmites.

The end of the trail!

Pleased that we had made it in far less time than the brochure said it would take to hike, we posed for a celebratory photo.

Just like the drive in, the drive out was very scenic.

We really enjoyed our time in the Basque region of France, now back to Bordeaux!.

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