Thursday afternoon, we decided to go for a long walk to burn off some of the calories from the Frühlingsfest. Dale had already been on the trail that runs below and behind the Langner's (Jörg's and Heike's) house, so she knew the route.

The trail has been adorned with outdoor art. This piece is probably called, “Box Wood.”

We walked a couple miles and only took one wrong turn. That house in the distance in the photo below is Langner's house. It was a beautiful afternoon for a walk, not too hot, not too cold.

May Day is only nominally celebrated in the U.S., but here in southern Germany, it's a significant holiday with everything closed on May 1st and a big celebration the evening of the last day of April.

After our walk, we all went over to the Rathaus, the City Hall, for the raising of the Maibaum, literally, the “May tree” – we would call it the May Pole.

After a short speech by the mayor to warm the guys up, it was 1, 2, 3, lift!

Beers all around for the tree-hoisters!

And we got hungry and thirsty just watching, so we wandered over to the food tents for pork sandwiches, brats, beers and pommes frites (French fries)…

… while the band serenaded us. That's Christopher under the center of the umbrella playing the trumpet.

While we were all eating and listening to the music, the Maibaum was completed with the hanging of the guild symbols

And just about then, the weather started to turn a little nasty, so, with the exception of Christopher who had to stay with the band, we all headed home before the rain started. Tomorrow is a holiday.


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