Live, from New York, it’s…

…not Saturday Night Live, it’s Dale’s Birthday!

We spent the morning walking around Central Park. The Boathouse and the Writer’s Walk are beautiful. We had hoped to catch street performers near the Boathouse, but we are apparently earlier risers than they are. Except for three guys singing a capella under a bridge.

Next, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and spent our time looking at the ancient Greek and Roman statutes and the Impressionists, especially Van Gogh.

After lunch in the Museum cafeteria, we walked back through Central Park, stopping to watch kids racing remote control sailboats along the way.

We also stopped at Strawberry Fields, the memorial to John Lennon, one of the Beatles. He was murdered in New York by a crazy guy. The memorial featured his song envisioning world peace, “Imagine.”

We had a great seafood dinner on Broadway and then went to Iridium to watch the California Guitar Trio. They were awesome. We got back to the hotel a little earlier and rested up for the next day.

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