A Day at the Zoo

It has been rainy pretty often since we got to Amsterdam, so when the sun poked through on Wednesday, we decided we would opt for something outdoors and the zoo looked interesting.

Hurricane Andrew pretty much wiped out the zoo in Miami back in 1992 and we haven’t been back since, though we enjoyed taking the kids there when they were little. We really didn’t know what to expect here in Amsterdam, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

Dale had a devilish little grin when we first walked into the zoo.

I think the water buffalo was what put that look on her face.

They had several animals we hadn’t seen live before and the zoo was set up so you could get really close to the animals. Like this guy:

The lions were more active than I ever remember seeing them. This pride had a rambunctious cub that kept nipping at his parents heels.

And in true Lion King style, Dale got this great picture of a family of Meerkats.

But this guy was our favorite. Just chillin’ in the sunshine.

One thought on “A Day at the Zoo

  1. Those were GREAT pictures…I fell like I’m traveling the world sitting at work…I have been to Ireland and Puerto Rico with Kelly and now am in Europe with you and Dale…I love the picture of Dale with the horns and then the after picture of the waterbuffalo.

    Your entire family takes great pictures…keep em coming:)


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