…On a Bicycle Built for…

…Four! Take a look at how this mom gets around town.

It seems that everybody has a bike here and it’s the favorite way to get around, it appears. There aren’t that many cars and most of them are delivery vehicles or taxis. Anyway, here’s a collection of bicycles we’ve seen here in Amsterdam.

First, a different view of the pram similar to the one used by the lady with the three kids. We mostly saw these being used to transport children, but they can also be used to haul cargo.

This is the most common bike we’ve seen here. It has a shield to keep your pants leg or skirt out of the spokes and a rack on the front for passengers…

…or to strap on a box or basket for carrying stuff around.

There are lots of colorful options.

I like the curved bar that makes up part of the frame, like in the bike above. In the USA, this is a style used only for girl’s bikes, but it’s a universal design here.

This double bar frame looks sturdy, doesn’t it?

So does this one with the heavy tubing frame and the shock absorber.

People do all kinds of crazy things on bikes here. They talk on phones, send text messages, carry umbrellas, and – Dale’s favorite – hold hands.

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