Schade, Schlichting-Werft ist geschlossen

We drove from Hamburg to Travemünde today so that I could visit the place I lived for six weeks in 1980 when I was in Germany with the Stehlins, working on the canal boat they bought, before we made the trans-Atlantic crossing. The shipyard was called the Schlichting-Werft.

We crossed the Trave River from Travemünde on the ferry.

The shipyard used to be on the right of the ferry landing, but as you can see, above, it is no longer a shipyard.

We drove around the peninsula, walked on the beach…

…and then strolled the marina and saw the 100 year old sailing ship, “Passat.”

At the marina, I spoke to a gentleman and learned that the Schlichting-Werft had gone out of business in the mid-1980s and that the site was now occupied by a retirement home called “Rosenhof” – you can see it on the map.

We drove over there and the only thing left from the old shipyard was this giant anchor.

I’m pretty sure that this was where we were docked in the “Knista,” which the Stehlins renamed “Island Trader.”

Anyway, we took the ferry back across the river to Travemünde.

Where we had a nice lunch on the waterfront.

One thought on “Schade, Schlichting-Werft ist geschlossen

  1. I’m sure Harriett Stehlin would love to see these pictures and posts. She is my friend on facebook. You might want to send her you web address…I’m sure she would be thrilled…thanks for taking me on your trip…I love it:)


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