We left the Keys at 3:00 yesterday and drove to Gainesville, arriving a little after 10:00. It was too late to find a campground, so we stayed at Walmart on 13th Street. It was actually quite comfortable and quiet there.

This morning we got up and met Kelly for breakfast at her favorite breakfast joint, Bagels & Noodles. They serve bagels in the morning and Vietnamese food in the afternoon. Interesting combination.

After breakfast, we stopped by Kelly’s to see her house now that she’s all moved in. Here are Dale and Kelly in the living room.

And here’s what a creative daughter does with her bedroom. She bought a huge canvas and has had her friends paint with her.

Kelly has a trampoline in her back yard!

There’s still a bit of the Keys here in Gainesville.

We’re about to meet Kyle for lunch, then we’ll head off, hoping to get to Atlanta or beyond before the sun goes down!

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