Date on a Beach

We’re on a week-long RV trip in Florida while we have a home exchange guest, Germán, staying in our house in the Keys. We stayed in Germán’s house in Bariloche, Argentina, during our recent trip to Patagonia. Our ultimate destination is Gainesville to visit the kids, but we’ve also decided to make a vacation out … Continue reading

Easter Seals

This morning, as we were sitting on our balcony enjoying a cup of coffee as the sun rose, there was a splash across the canal and Dale yelped, “Shark!” But it wasn’t a shark. It was a dolphin, feeding on fish in the canal. And he wasn’t alone. We counted three dolphin – an unusual … Continue reading

Thar She Blows!

We spent yesterday and this morning preparing for Hurricane Isaac’s arrival. Here’s the current position: Isaac is projected to get to Hurricane Category 1 status about the time it hits us in the Florida Keys. This will be the first hurricane to make landfall in the Keys in 7 years. We’re expecting sustained winds of … Continue reading

The Graduate

This past Saturday, Cinco de Mayo, was Kelly’s graduation from the University of Florida. The night before, we went to The Yearling Restaurant in Cross Creek for a family celebration. Dale and I had been here 29 years ago with our parents and siblings for our graduations from UF and the place has hardly changed. … Continue reading

See Food

We’re in Louisiana having the RV serviced after visiting Kyle and Kelly for a couple days in Gainesville. We left Gainesville Monday morning and drove along the Gulf coast, stopping for dinner in Apalachicola, a fishing village known for its oysters. We knew this was the place as soon as we stopped the RV – … Continue reading

Go Marlins!

We’re at the Miami Marlin’s first game in their new stadium against the University of Miami Hurricanes (it’s an exhibition game) with our friends from Germany, Suzanne, Frank and Lennart. We have great seats by first base. It’s a good thing that there’s a sliding roof because it looks like rain tonight.


We’re not big fans of contemporary art, but there was one contemporary exhibit at the Ringling Art Museum that we really enjoyed. It was by an artist named Zimoun. You won’t be able to get the full experience from my blog because the exhibit was as much sound as it was visual, as evidenced by … Continue reading

You’d Look Too

I bet you would look too. We’re in Sarasota today. I left my only sandals at Tom and Leanne’s house, so we went shopping for replacements. Dale got a pair too. And I love this picture that Kelly took of me in her room when we visited her last week in Gainesville.


Tom gave Dale a present as we were about to leave their house for Anna Maria Island. I don’t think he really expected her to hold it. It’s a dog’s life in Micanopy. Tom and Suzie taking a nap.

Who Nose?

Who knows this guy? My dermatologist tried to skin me alive today! He took out two skin cancers and had to cut from my forehead to the tip of my nose. But who knows, this might just make me movie star material. He did a great job repairing the incision and taking as little tissue … Continue reading