Classical Cocktails and the Last Day of Kellebration

Every now and then, Kyle throws a fantastic music party. Nearly everyone that attends performs – anything from classical to rock and roll.

This year, Kyle’s party, which he called Classical Cocktails, coincided with the end of a week of celebrating the end of Kelly’s 21st year; it’s been a week of Kellebration. Sunday is her 22nd birthday.

Besides being host and the first performer (piano improv), Kyle was a great master of ceremonies.

Here’s Kyle introducing Kelly, the birthday girl (actually, Kelly was one of the birthday girls; it was Hannah’s birthday too).

The first hour of the night consisted of classical pieces on piano, trumpet and viola. Then came the headliners as the crowd sat in anticipation.

Everybody had a good time. And all the musicians were fantastic.

Even the policeman that showed up at midnight to bring the party to an end thought the music was excellent.

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