Thursday morning, we stopped to see Kelly at work. While she’s applying to graduate school, she’s sharpening her baking skills as the pastry chef at Volta, a popular coffee shop in Gainesville.

Here she is, standing behind some of her creations.

The scones looked really good.

We visited for an hour, then headed out to Williston to the RV park we like to stay in when we come to Gainesville to visit, Williston Crossings. We’ll be here in the Gainesville area for a couple days, visiting Kyle and Kelly and our friends, Tom and Leanne.

It’s nice to be back in warm, sunny weather, with friends and family; next year, we hope to have Trevor back in Florida, too! A trifecta!

3 thoughts on “Scones

  1. Mark — I sent this post and pictures to Steve’s daughter Gabrielle who goes to UofF-Gainesville and lives in an apartment off campus. I thought she might look up Kelly at the Volta coffee shop sometime and make the connection between our families. Today, of course, Gabby is at “the game” — that seems to be a big deal for Gators. Steve and wife Beth love being Gator parents and got to go to the game last Saturday (they live in Valrico, FL), but I didn’t know about Kelly’s workplace until now or I would have asked them to go by and see her.
    The scones really did look good!

  2. Kelly definately has taken after her momma, Dale is a GREAT chef! Like mother like daughter. I’m so looking forward to seeing you and Dale on Tuesday! Have a safe trip here.

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