Buenos Días from Buenos Aires

We had a nice flight (about 9 hours) to Buenos Aires, Argentina, arriving this morning at 6:45 a.m. local time, took a cab to the city center and checked into our hotel (the Sheraton).

The weather here is just like home in Florida, and the skies are clear, as you can see from this view from our hotel room window.

It’s been two months since we were on the road last, so let’s just call this a warm up post.

We’ll be in Patagonia (Argentina, Chile and the Falkland Islands) for the next 7 weeks and this trip should be quite an adventure.

But, today the first order of business is to take a little nap so we’re refreshed and ready to see the city this afternoon.

Buenas noches.

7 thoughts on “Buenos Días from Buenos Aires

  1. Hey Mark & Dale,

    Try looking up my ole Raindancer waiter friend who I spent the summer of ’78 with, Guillermo Lorenzo.

    The Lorenzo family has an 80k hector/ac cattle estancia west of Buenos Aires (+/- 6-8 hrs drive), PLUS a luxury downtown highrise condo (aka Park Ave. Manhattan style). A great family, I know they’ll remember me and greet you warmly. This time of year they’re on their ranch, but maybe partial family is at their city home. Good Travels……

  2. Mark and Dale,
    Kate and I will be at Iguasu Falls on 2/23-24. Border of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Supposed to make Niagara look like a bathtub. So, while you are negotiating the Falklands treaty, we’ll be exploring the jungle. Most of our trip will be in Rio, but this side trip is necessary. We saw the northern half 20 years ago. This time we are seeing the southern Brazil highlight.
    Have fun on your trip. Mom Holub keeps us posted on your adventures!

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