The Graduate

This past Saturday, Cinco de Mayo, was Kelly’s graduation from the University of Florida. The night before, we went to The Yearling Restaurant in Cross Creek for a family celebration.

Dale and I had been here 29 years ago with our parents and siblings for our graduations from UF and the place has hardly changed.

Saturday morning we went to the Plaza of the Americas to take a couple pictures of the new graduate.

Here’s our happy graduate: psychology major, Bachelor of Science, cum laude!

It was a balancing act, juggling school and extracurricular activities…

…but with her bachelor’s degree under her belt (along with her climbing gear)…

…we know Kelly will climb ever higher.

The graduation ceremony was in the University’s O’Connell Center. That’s Kelly on the big screen and at the podium, about to make her way across the stage.

It was a long way back to her seat.

Her plans for the summer: travel to Sri Lanka with her roommates, then to Greece with us; then back to Gainesville to work for a year while she applies to graduate school.

We sure are proud of all of our kids.

One thought on “The Graduate

  1. Is Sri Lanka in India? If so, I want to go with her;) just kidding…but one day I am going to an Ashram in Karala, India…We are all so proud of her what a heck of a gal!!!!

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