Thar She Blows!

We spent yesterday and this morning preparing for Hurricane Isaac’s arrival. Here’s the current position:

Isaac is projected to get to Hurricane Category 1 status about the time it hits us in the Florida Keys. This will be the first hurricane to make landfall in the Keys in 7 years.

We’re expecting sustained winds of around 60-65 miles per hour, but we’re all set. We’ve got the front yard all cleared…

…and the back yard, too. We moved all the patio furniture inside the garage.

We’re leaving the boat on the lift, strapped fore and aft. About half the boat owners on the canal are doing the same as us; the other half (inboards and sailboats) have tied off in the middle of the canal.

And here comes Isaac…

3 thoughts on “Thar She Blows!

  1. Are you two going to be in the garage, too?
    Thanks for posting about your preparations. We always think of you down there when hurricanes are a-brewin’. Thank goodness you’re sensible! (You are, aren’t you?) — B&B

  2. Just saw/heard on TV that Isaac is heading up toward Pensacola and New Orleans and just dropped a lot of rain in your area. Hope that’s true — that you only got rain and winds. I have cousins in Pensacola who emailed that they are prepared as well as can be. Sometimes I’m glad we don’t live down South any more. But not most of the time!
    Hope you can get all your “stuff” back where it is normally and can get back to easier living.
    xo – B&B

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