Waikiki, in the heart of Honolulu, is the tourist mecca of Hawaii; an especially popular destination for Japanese and Koreans.

Our hotel was on the western end of Waikiki Beach which gave us a nice view of the extinct volcano known as Diamond Head.

Waikiki, like Galt Ocean Mile and Miami Beach in Florida, is littered with high-rises, though here most are hotels. Here’s a view from our room on the top floor of the Hyatt.

We spent the afternoon of our last day on the beach.

It was crowded on shore…

…and out on the surfing line-up. And, yes, I did go surfing; that’s me paddling out in the middle of this photo:

Here’s a map of our travels on Oahu:

Now, we’re at the airport, waiting for our plane to LA, where we’ll spend the night, then back home to Florida tomorrow.

For those of you that were wondering if we had gone crazy with island fever here and gotten real, ink tattoos – no, we didn’t; they were temporary, henna tattoos.

And so, for now, Aloha from Hawaii.

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