See Food

We’re in Louisiana having the RV serviced after visiting Kyle and Kelly for a couple days in Gainesville. We left Gainesville Monday morning and drove along the Gulf coast, stopping for dinner in Apalachicola, a fishing village known for its oysters.

We knew this was the place as soon as we stopped the RV – the place was literally paved with oysters!

We found a nice little seafood shack under the bridge with a view of East Bay.

They had, without a doubt, the best and freshest oysters we’ve ever eaten.

After eating, we drove into the night, finally stopping in Gulf Breeze, just outside Pensacola. This morning, we made an appointment for an oil and filter change in Hammond, Louisiana, and here we are – in crawfish country – just in time for a late lunch.

These things are almost as good as oysters.

We do actually do more than drive and eat. Really.

Tonight we plan to make it to Lake Charles, Louisiana, so that we can get to Padre Island, Texas, tomorrow where we plan to camp on the beach for a few days.

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