Kelso Beach Hotel

Here’s the view up and down the shoreline in front of where the Kelso Beach Hotel stood. That building on the left looks like it was built on the hotel’s foundation.

My grandfather took me fishing for catfish from that pier.

This is where the hotel used to be. It burned down right after they sold it. It was an old wooden structure, a couple stories tall with a bar on the ground floor.

I remember walking along side the old building. The entrance to the bar was along this walk, if I recall correctly. Remember, I was only four years old at the time.

It was fun remembering the old days.

2 thoughts on “Kelso Beach Hotel

  1. Bar is actually in the basement and it is original..the floors are is most of the building . it burned twice but not to the ground. On the first floor you can still see the burn marks in the flooring. The current owners tried to have it restored to it’s original but were rejected by the Kelso association. Still a great place though!

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