City on a Hill

It was a drizzly day today; probably a cold front rolling in. We needed a rest day anyway, so we stayed in and Dale did wash and cleaned the RV while I fixed a few things. Then we lounged around, reading, until dinner time.

We’re staying on the south bank of the St. Lawrence River and the city is on the north bank. There’s a ferry that we’ll take tomorrow to visit the old town. So, tonight we drove to find the ferry landing and there was a nice French restaurant right there. Here’s Dale out front.

And here’s the view from our table.

After dinner, we walked down to the waterfront. On the way, we turned and looked back at the restaurant, located at the base of a bluff. There’s a staircase that leads down to the restaurant from the top. The place filled up while we ate, but we didn’t see any cars pull in. Now we know where everybody came from.

Here’s old Quèbec at night.

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