Can’t get theah from heah

We crossed back into the United States on Canada Highway 55 a/ka US Interstate 91, entering into Vermont, but we only stayed in Vermont for about an hour, then crossed over into New Hampshire near Monroe.

We had wanted to drive on the backroads to see the countryside and we ended up on a road that had a sign saying, “Closed to Trucks, Road Narrows, Trucks Make U-Turn.”

We forged on, undeterred.

Perhaps this was the end for those that preceded us.

We continued . . .

. . . and soon came to the narrow road and hairpin turn. But, there was a pull-out, so we stopped to take in the view.

There was nobody around to take a picture of us together, so we took turns.

And, contrary to the old joke about the New Hampshire farmer that answered the traveler’s inquiry for directions with, “you can’t get theah from heah,” we got to where we were going . . .


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