Back in Buffalo

Not much doin’ today. It was rainy in the Adirondacks, so we got a late start and drove back to Buffalo on I-90. The service plazas along the I-90 corridor have history kiosks telling the story of the building of the Erie Canal which I-90 parallels and occasionally crosses.

The Erie Canal was a marvel of the early 1800s in America, linking the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean via the Hudson River at Albany. The canal was originally 40 feet wide, but only 4 feet deep. The canal boats were pulled along the waterway by mules at just a couple miles per hour. The canal opened up much of the northwestern United States to commerce and settlement and started a boom in canal building. Construction began in 1817 and the canal was completed in 1825.

It was interesting to learn about the canal, but there’s not really anything to see from the Interstate, so we don’t have any photos.

We made it to the only Campground near downtown Buffalo at 5:00, only to find that they had closed for the winter a week early, so off we headed, once again, for Walmart.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking Trevor out for his birthday – he’s on a date tonight – so we’ve found our home away from home, Starbucks, and we’re having a cup of coffee while we wait for the World Series to begin.

Go Cardinals!

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