We left Pennsylvania in the late morning and drove through Amish country, but didn’t see any Amish out, although we did see a number of horse-drawn carriages sitting in yards. Then it occurred to us that it was Sunday morning and they were probably all in church. Anyway, it was a nice drive through the country to Ohio.

We passed through Akron and Columbus, then drove to Cincinnati, glad it was Sunday so there was very little traffic in and around the big cities.

At one point, our GPS showed us that we were driving into the unknown, a black hole!

We arrived in Cincinnati around 5:00 and found our favorite urban campground: Walmart, just as the sun was setting.

After doing a little shopping and having dinner, we tried to track down my godparents, Bill and Barbara Holub. Alas, I fear they are out of town. No one was home.

But who knows? They do have Halloween decorations out, so maybe we’ll hear from them before we leave tomorrow. I hope so.

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