Red River Meeting House

My posts for Tuesday will be a little out of order so that the flow of the story is a little better.

After leaving Bowling Green, Kentucky, we drove to South Union, then Russellville where we left the RV, then Adairville in the Jeep,, then back to Russellville where we spent the night.

Our mission was to follow an ancestor, Robert Paisley, my maternal great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. Robert was born in Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia in 1739 and migrated first to North Carolina in 1765 and then to Kentucky in 1797, settling just outside of what is now Adairville. He was a veteran of the American Revolution and one of the founders of the Red River Presbyterian Church, known as the Red River Meeting House. This is the second meeting house built on the site.

Robert Paisley died in 1828 and was buried in the Red River cemetary. We found his grave.

Buried alongside Robert were his wife and his eldest daughter.

On the drive back to Russellville, we passed several tobacco barns where the local farmers were curing tobacco.

Although the farmers in the area seem to be harvesting tobacco these days, our Paisley ancestors here were cotton farmers and Robert owned a cotton gin which we confirmed in the historical archives in Russellville in the afternoon.

It’s beautiful countryside with rolling hills and preserved forest lands where the leaves are just changing color.

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