We spent yesterday afternoon and this morning in the archives of Logan County, Kentucky, researching my Paisley and Driskill ancestors. The Archives are in the former County Jail.

The people that work there are all volunteers and they were very helpful.

You can see that they’re really serious about protecting the old records.

The walls are concrete – 2 feet thick – with steel reinforcing.

The volunteers were not only helpful, they’re super friendly, too. In fact, when we said we were going to stay over to research a little more, but we needed to find somewhere to camp, one of them went next door to the Sheriff’s office and asked if we could park and camp in their parking lot. The Sheriff said, “they can park right there on the street in front of the jail.” So we did. We can now say we spent the night at the County Jail!

Tonight we’re in Nashville, waiting for game 6 of the World Series to start. Go Cards!

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