Rock Gym

This evening, Kelly took us to the Rock Gym where she works part time. Trevor also works at a rock gym in Buffalo. Dale had gone rock climbing before with Trevor, but I had never tried it. It’s more fun than I had thought, and it’s also good exercise. I can see why the kids all enjoy it.

Kelly got us complimentary passes. We started with a short lesson to learn the basics. Here I am on the beginner wall with Dale learning how to belay me.

Dale caught on really quickly. Look at her go!

I got to belay Dale.

And I didn’t do too bad either, for an old guy.

Then Kelly showed us how it’s really done.

After which, she moved on to a more advanced wall!

Kyle joined us and went right for one of the tougher climbs.

It was a real workout and we were pooped at the end.

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