Look, Books!

Today, we drove to Miami to go to the annual Miami Book Fair. I used to go every year when we lived in Miami, so it was nice to go again after a couple year hiatus.

I went in search of history books and this year Dale accompanied me and found several good mysteries.

The Book Fair is always at the downtown Miami community college campus. During the week there are lectures by authors, many of whom are very well known. On the weekend there’s a street fair.

The book sellers set up their tents and show their books, all of which are for sale. There’s a food court and live music and booths and activities for children.

Because the Book Fair is in Miami, about half of the books and book sellers are Spanish – more than half of the people in Miami-Dade County are Spanish-speaking.

It can get really crowded.

On the way home to the Keys, we drove on the Turnpike through Homestead to Florida City and noticed that all the exit ramps were closed and there were lots of highway patrol around. It turns out that there was a big Nascar race at the Homestead Speedway and Michelle Obama and the Vice-President’s wife were there, so the police were apparently stream-lining the road for a quick and safe get-away for the First Lady and her companions.

It was a nice way to spend the day.

Und Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Christopher.

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