Shredding the Gnar!

We have no idea what “shredding the gnar” means, but that’s what Trevor says when he has a good day skiing.

Our ski destination today was my favorite ski resort, Deer Valley, for a couple reasons: they don’t allow snowboarders; it’s less crowded than the other resorts (probably because it’s more expensive); and, it is predominantly blue runs which are the mid-level advanced runs that we like to ski. We were here about ten years ago when I was working on a couple cases in Salt Lake City.

Here’s Dale shredding the gnar.

She came down the run on the left; we’re not mogul skiers. You can see how uncrowded it was – and this was Presidents’ Day, a 3-day weekend!

And there she goes…

I was in awe! And not a just a little bit cold. It was in the 20s today.

Here’s a view of one of the main lodge/lift areas. Lot’s of young beginners taking group lessons on this part of the mountain.

It was a really great time. We took the gondola down since we stayed on the slopes until closing time.

And back at the house, we really appreciated the hot tub. In the dark with the disco light.

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