Park City

We had thought about taking today off from skiing, but the weather report called for it to be really cold tomorrow, so we went skiing in Park City today, thinking that we’ll stay indoors tomorrow. It was relatively warm today.

Since the holiday weekend ended yesterday, the slopes were pretty empty today.

The Park City ski area is much larger than any of the other resorts we have been to here in Utah. We never repeated a run and went up 6 different lifts, and still, we only covered about one-third of the mountain. Here’s Dale.

We picked our runs to avoid the other skiers and you can see that we were pretty successful. Dale again:

We really love our new helmets; they’re toasty warm.

That’s the base area. The mountains in the background are where we’re staying. It’s about a half hour drive from Park City.

Dale was looking good today on the slopes.

We were here in 1995 with the kids. Weren’t they adorable back then?

One thought on “Park City

  1. They are adorable…mean daddy had them looking into the sun obviously:)
    Looks like you two are having fun, enjoy.

    love ya,

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