Yesterday, we decided to see the city we’re staying in, so we hopped aboard one of the local jitneys and rode all the way round the city. And it’s a big city: 70,000 people or more.

We got off at the Fethiye Archeological Museum, then walked around the shopping district for a while. At one point, we passed these guys, doing what most Turkish men seem to do in the afternoon: drink tea and play Rummy Cube.

We stopped for a seafood lunch at a neat market where you pick your fresh fish from the fish monger, then take it to a cafe to have it cooked.

After lunch, we walked back along the waterfront to our hotel.

A very popular thing to do in Fethiye is to go on one of the 12-Island boat rides. There are dozens of beautiful wooden motor-sailors just waiting for passengers to board their stern gangways.

We decided to skip the Island boat ride; after all, we live on an island and we’ll be spending a week on Crete soon which is where we’d prefer to partake of water sports.

So, we continued the one mile walk back to our hotel.

It’s got a great view…

…and a nice pool.

Villa Daffodil.

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