The Road to Olympia

After visiting Epidavros yesterday morning, we had a four-hour drive across the mountainous interior of the Peloponnese. It was very scenic. At one point, we saw the strangest clouds:

About halfway across, the road narrowed and climbed steeply, up to a village that was built nearly vertically into the mountainside:

In the village, the road turned into a single lane and as we came around a bend, there was a tractor-trailer trying to make a seemingly impossible turn; his left rear wheel actually went up and over the bridge retaining wall. We thought he might go off the cliff at any minute!

Because it was a one-lane road for the next 25 miles, we had no choice but to follow this brave trucker for the next hour. It was quite entertaining.

A little ways down the hill, he nearly got wedged in as he rounded a curve hewn through the rocks. The trailer actually touched, so the driver stopped and got out to examine his predicament. After surveying the situation, he deflated his air suspension to lower the trailer, then backed up a little for a better approach, and managed to squeak through. He had obviously done this before.

Village after village, cutback after cutback, along we went.

Along the way, we passed numerous little shrines lining the road. It seemed that they were every 1/4 mile or so. I like to think of these as the Greek Orthodox Emergency Call Boxes.

We parted company with our truck driving friend just a few miles before we reached our destination, Bacchus Taverna & Pension in ancient Olympia. This place was a pleasant surprise after a long day of driving, with a nice view from the dining area and pool – time left before sunset for a little dip.

Just the place to worship the Sun God.

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