Home Again

We had a great trip and now we’re back home. I’ve already posted the map for our travels in Turkey; now, here’s a map showing our travels in Greece in relation to Crete (the blue dot is on Hania in Crete).

On mainland Greece, we traveled 534 miles in our rental car, flying into and out of Athens.

And on Crete, we flew into Heraklion and out of Hania.

According to Google Maps, we traveled 366 miles in Crete, but we probably only drove 250 of those in our rental car. The loop from Hania to the south coast and back was by bus, foot or ferry on the day we hiked the Samarián Gorge and the line of travel isn’t completely accurate.

At any rate, we got a pretty good feel for the country in our whirlwind two weeks there.

And now we have just a few days at home in the Keys before we head off on our next adventure.

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