A Hot Time in Wisconsin

This past weekend, on Dale’s birthday, we flew up to Madison, Wisconsin, for a wedding: Jim and Von Gern’s son, Tyson, was getting married to his long-time girlfriend, Kristina.

After arriving in Madison to 103° heat, we checked into the hotel and went to the Gern’s for a wedding party where we were able to catch up on news with Jim and Von; and with Jim’s sisters (and husbands), Leslie (Randy) and Laurie (Bob); and with Von’s friends Brooke (Mike) and Leah (Clint).

The next morning, we had an early morning at the farmer’s market around the Capitol (left to right: Randy, Leslie, Dale, Jody, Leah, Jim, Von).

It was great to see Jim and Von and to be part of the family for the wedding. When Tyson and his twin brother, Ben, were born, Jim and Von asked me and John Ciullo to be the boys’ godfathers; John and I have always considered both boys to be each of our godsons, so, for me, it really was a family wedding.

Dale and I were amazed that Jim and Von were so cool and collected with the wedding just hours away.

After the farmer’s market, Jim took us for a ride around the lake; he and Von live on a canal that connects to Lake Mendota.

The wedding, Saturday evening, was at Badger Farm, a barn converted into a wedding venue.

Tyson anxiously awaited his bride, flanked by twin brother, Ben, who was also his best man, and their sister, Hannah, one of the bridesmaids (the blonde standing to the right of the flower girl). There’s the happy father of the groom on the left.

And here comes the bride, escorted by her dad.

It was a lovely ceremony.

The happy newlyweds.

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